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Heli-Ski and Kicking Horse Ski Resort Combo Package

Heli-Skiing in Canada with Great Canadian Heli-Skiing


  • Unlimited vertical and all lift tickets
  • Choice of two world class lodges, Copper Horse Lodge or Vagabond Lodge
  • Bountiful powder and breathtaking scenery at Kicking Horse Mountain

Full Description

A week long, all-inclusive combo package skiing Kicking Horse Mountain Resort,as well as helicopter skiing and heli-boarding with Great Canadian.

Due to Great Canadian Heli-Skiing's proximity to Kicking Horse Mountain Resort and the town of Golden (55km), it seems a logical choice to combine both world-class resort skiing with world-class heli-skiing. All adventure trip packages are based on 6 days of skiing split between resort skiing and heli-skiing.

All packages are per person (based on 2 people sharing) and start on a Saturday. If you are unable to arrive on a Saturday, please ask us for alternatives.


  • All accommodations
  • Lift tickets
  • Rental Equipment
  • Meals — All meals for the heliskiing portion. At Kicking Horse all breakfasts are included, and if staying at the Vagabond, lunch is included.
  • Heli-Skiing Package — Unlimited Vertical, so no extra vertical skiing charges!


  • Dinners when staying at Copper Horse or Vagabond (Copper Horse has an awesome on-site restaurant)
  • Ski/board rental while at Kicking Horse (available from us at $35/day)
  • Transportation to British Columbia, Canada
  • Gratuities/tips
  • Alcohol, extra services such as massage
  • Trip cancellation insurance
  • All Taxes - GST AND Hotel Taxes. Rates listed are for domestic visitors. Rates for international guests will have the GST rebate applied for them (so 2.5% instead of 5%), so the rates will be slightly less

Day by Day Itinerary

Sample Itinerary

The following sample itinerary is for the 3-Day Heli-Ski/3-Day Resort Combo.

Arrival Day

On SATURDAYS only: Shuttle leaves from the Calgary Airport Delta Hotel at 2pm. Guests to meet in hotel lounge by 1:30pm. For Wed, Thur, Fri, Sunday arrivals: meet at Tim Horton's coffee shop in the International Arrivals by 5:00pm for a 5:30pm departure (there's also a 2:00pm departure on Wed).

Day 1

8-9:30am Breakfast (included). If staying at the Vagabond Lodge, lunch is included.
Skiing at Kicking Horse.

Day 2

Same schedule as Day 1.

Day 3

Same schedule as Day 1, except this is your last day at KH! Checkout of room, however you can leave your gear at the lodge while skiing. We suggest stop skiing about 3:30pm.

4:45pm Meet our van at your lodge for transfer to Heather Mountain Lodge (60min drive).
5:45pm Check-in on arrival.
7:00pm Dinner

Day 4

8:00am Breakfast
9:00am Safety briefing
11:00am Heli-skiing with Great Canadian Heli-Skiing !
3-4:00pm End of ski day, depending on time of year.
4:30pm Après Ski snack and drinks
7:00pm Dinner

Day 5

Heli-Skiing. Same as Day 4, except heli-skiing starts about 9am since the safety briefing as been completed!

Day 6

Heli-Skiing. Same as Day 5.

Departure Day

7:00am Early breakfast in order to catch the shuttle.
7-8:00am Checkout and settle any bills.
8:00am Shuttle leaves for Calgary International Airport, arriving by 12:00pm. Please make sure your flight leaves no earlier than 1:30pm.

About The Operator:

Great Canadian Heli-Skiing


Golden, British Columbia


January 1988

We wanted a playground in our backyard; a place in the mountains to live and raise our family. Great Canadian Heli-Skiing (GCH) in Golden, British Columbia was that opportunity. Since we purchased GCH in 2000, we have found ourselves immersed in a group of passionate people that shape Great Canadian Heli-Skiing. It is so much more than what we could of dreamed of. It is a home for our children, a place to be with friends, it is supremely fulfilling as we share ‘the best run of our lives' day after day.

Whatever you're searching for, be it adventure, powder, relaxation, camaraderie, it will be only a small part of what you will find.

Great Canadian Heli-Skiing is Deane Pickering, with us since 1996. Our Customer Relations Manager is a true Golden local. With her heart and voice of gold you will know from your first call, you are in good hands.

Great Canadian Heli-skiing is Greg "the General" Golovach, with us since 1992. He passionately runs the operations as head guide, leading you, our guest with precision and a knowledge and nose for powder.

Great Canadian Heli-Skiing is Dan Bracko, with us since 2005. A chef whose passion for skiing is only superceded by his commitment to creating memorable food. When you taste his fare you must agree that loving life is the best spice in life.

Great Canadian Heli-Skiing is Marcie Taylor, with us since June 2006. Marcie is our Lodge Manager whose primary concern is that you are well looked after during your stay with us!

Great Canadian Heli-Skiing is Tim Wilkinson, with us since June 2009. Tim is our Director of Marketing and Communications, or in his own words a "professional ski bum", who has boarded in over 125 resorts around the world and worked in ski resorts in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland.

Most importantly Great Canadian Heli-Skiing is our guests. From pioneering boutique heli-skiing in 1988, to launching unlimited vertical in 2006, you have created, with your ideas, needs and dreams, the ultimate heli-skiing experience, and a place that is apart of the lives of many passionate people. This is only a small group of very dedicated people, guides, guests and staff that you will find at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing. Join us at Heather Mountain Lodge to make the mountains and powder a part of you too.

Great Canadian Heli-Skiing holds your safety as our #1 priority. Our guides are experienced and certified professionals (Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, Canadian Ski Guide Association and International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations). They are all trained in snow safety, weather analysis, and emergency medical techniques and mechanized ski guiding. You know you are in safe hands since all of our guides have, at the very least, +10 years of experience out in the field. Day by day they will find the best of what Mother Nature has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to pack?
First and foremost, we strongly recommend that you bring your well-fitting ski boots as carry on during your flight. We can figure out just about everything else should there be any missing luggage. For skiing its all about layers. A gore-tex non-insulated shell plus several synthetic shirts and pants with varying thickness will allow you to adapt. Remember - no cotton, it gets wet and stays cold. There is no need to bring an extensive wardrobe, as the lodge is very casual.
What type of skis and snowboards does GCH provide?
Great Canadian Heli-Skiing provides guests with Atomic powder skis and Burton snowboards and include all poles, transceivers and rescue equipment. The Atomic Heli-Daddy and Snoop Daddy are designed for the heli-skiing industry and set-up with Salomon bindings. The Burton Fish, Malolo, and Supermodel are set up with large shovel nose and set back stance to offer the ultimate flotation.

What about boots?
You need to bring your own boots. Comfort and a smooth forward flex are the most important attributes. New boots are most often not comfortable. Tight racing boots are miserable. Preferably, what you want, is a boot that does not have abnormal pressure in the toes, ankle or lower part of the calf. Please remember that we supply skis and poles but we do not supply boots; so take your boots on the plane as carry on luggage!

How about Helmets?
Some guests wear helmets and we would encourage you to do so, but they are not mandatory. Helmets that offer a low profile or _ coverage shell and a removable neoprene ear cover are the way to go for Heli-Skiing, as the ear covers can be removed easily depending on the temperature. Helmets that fully cover the ear (e.g. race helmets) are a safety hazard if they prevent you from hearing the guide's instructions.

Can I use my own transceiver, probe, and shovel?
Transceivers: Yes, however you are required to be trained with and wear a GCH transceiver since we and your ski companions are assured that they are properly maintained and easy to use. You may use your own transceiver in the event of a search if you are most comfortable with it, but it must remain in your pocket and turned off until such time. Probe and shovel: Yes providing you have a low-profile backpack that you can comfortably wear while sitting in the helicopter. Removing or leaving your pack in the helicopter is not an option.

Can I bring my own A.B.S. balloon?

Yes, the use of ABS balloons is permitted at Great Canadian Heli Skiing. The pack should be a low profile pack and have a removable trigger. According to transport regulations the pack (the cartridge) cannot be allowed in the main compartment of the helicopter under any circumstances and therefore will be removed and transported in the ski basket on the outside of the helicopter.

Lodge Life

Can I Bring my iPod or personal music player?
While you are more than welcome to have your music in your room, we cannot allow it out in the field. For your safety and the safety of others in your group, you must be able to hear the guide at all times and react to external stimuli.

Can I connect with the outside world at Heather Mountain Lodge?
Yes! High tech communications enable you to slip in and out of the real world so you can enjoy the remoteness of the lodge. We have wireless Internet, cell phone and satellite TV.

What do you carry in your Store?
Arcteryx, Powder PipeLine and Smith are just some of the quality brands of technical and outdoor clothing and gear that we carry in our store. We have selected a group of technical Arcteryx pieces that are perfectly designed for heli-skiing. We also carry custom boot and board bags, Kicking Horse Coffee, and many souvenirs.

What additional charges might there be?
With Unlimited Vertical you will certainly not have to pay any extra for skiing. A typical end of trip bill will include, liquor, retail, massage, gratuities and your deposit for next year.


What is your average snowfall?
Our average annual snowfall is over 14 meters (46 feet) and will typically build a base of more than 3.5 meters (12 feet)! Check out our website under ‘weather' for more details.

At what altitude do you ski?
Our runs are at an altitude on average between 3000 and 1833 meters (9000 and 5500 ft) with the highest drop-off at 3200 meters (10,500 feet). The altitude at which we will ski will be determined each day by the guides and pilots, depending on visibility, snow stability, and quality. Heather Mountain Lodge is located at 1055 m or 3460 ft.

How fit should I be? Can I ski for a Week?
Fitness is often more important than ability. The more fit you are, the more fun you will have and the less likely you are going to encounter an injury. One guest told us that his conditioning made a huge difference in how much fun he had. If you are joining us for a week you might find it reassuring to know that it is common to feel slightly tired at the end of your third day of heli-skiing. As you take off for the second half of the week, your technique excels, your muscles acclimatize and your heli-skiing typically is lifted to the level, which can only be acquired by committing to a week's dedication to powder turns.

When is the best time to come?
You be the judge, our operating season is from mid-December to the beginning of April. There are desirable qualities throughout the season.

To follow are some generalizations ready to be proven wrong by Mother Nature:
December to January - Mostly Tree Skiing, Some Alpine Glaciers and Bowls.
Mid-January, February, Mid-March - Alpine Glaciers, Bowls and Tree Skiing.
March to Early April - Alpine Glaciers and Bowls, Reduced Tree Skiing.

How are the groups set up?
We ski with four guests per group. During your vacation we encourage our guests to ski with others who have similar interests or abilities. As a result of using small groups, compatibility is most often attainable.

What Does an Unlimited Vertical day look like? Can I ski as late as I want?
We run a very similar length of day to a ski resort. Our guests day runs from 9:00am to 4:00-4:30pm (see Daily Itinerary). This allows for a fulfilling day of skiing for our guests while allowing for our guides day to start at 7:00am and run to 6:00pm with pre and post meetings to plan for your enjoyment and safety. On average guests ski 6,500 vertical meters (21,450 feet) a day (see Typical Day below) while a big day is over 10,000 vm (33,000 feet). Like all other operations we still guarantee the minimum that you will ski, however Great Canadian Heli-Skiing does not charge the extra vertical rate of $100+ per 1,000 meters to keep skiing beyond the guaranteed limit. In actual fact, we have only refunded about $4000 in the past three years for vertical metres not skied, and because of our location, only endured two down days.

Do I have to ski all day?
No. The helicopter refuels mid-day. This is your opportunity to go back to the lodge. Please advise your guide in advance if you wish to ski a partial day.

What activities are there for ‘down-days'?
Actually, we are not very good at this because we don't have to be. On average we have 2-4 days a year that we do not ski. (In 2008, we did not have any!) . Our onsite heli-pads, powerful helicopters, small groups, and fantastic treed lodge runs offer the magic formula for accessibility. We do have snow shoeing trails and we are half-way between Kicking Horse and Revelstoke Mountain Resorts, yet we almost never ski them as the potential to go heli-skiing is high. Honestly though we haven't had more than two down days in the past three years, so we haven't given sking elsewhere much thought.

Does GCH offer any discounts for organizing a group?
Yes. If you are to organize a group of 12 or more skiers you will receive a 10% discount or one free space.
Individual discount is offered when you rebook the following season before your departure. Also ask for information on Great Canadian Heli-Skiing Season Passes for individuals and groups.